V2-H4  led headlight bulb

The Brocen LED headlight bulbs utilize the newest multi-core LED chip styles that feature one long crystal over the entire diode array to create a seamless light output source. Most LED headlight bulbs on the market essentially produce multi light sources by stacking 2-6 different chips together in a line. The custom designed LED chips with new technology developed by SEOUL, have no light gap between diodes which gives it a closer function compared to the original filament bulb, thus achieving a greater beam accuracy that works best in any headlight or fog light housing.

Input Voltage: 9~24VDC
Power Consumption: 20W
Luminous Flux: 6,000lm/pcs
LED Source: Seoul
Certification: CE,ROHS,FCC,DOT,SAE and E-MARK
Optional Color: white
Material of Housing: Aluminum
CCT: 6,000K
IP Rate: IP67
Dimension(MM): 88.9*31.2
Life Span: 50,000hrs
Warranty: 1 Year


The Brocen V2 Series LED Headlight Bulbs are one of the brightest LED headlight and fog light bulbs on the market. They have a more precise beam pattern than ordinary products, they fit more vehicle applications better than others, and they use less power and less Lumen than others but create significantly more light.

Compact design with extra efficient heat sink technique

The V2-H4 Series headlight bulbs are brighter than any incandescent/halogen light bulb. They use a specially designed heat sink technique assisted with super silent fan. Our simple design is effective and compact.

Super Bright, Cool White Light Effect

The V2-H4 LED bulbs feature super high quality LED chips from SEOUL's newest LED technologies on the market and allows us to create an LED array that is placed perfectly inside the headlight. This new way of thinking about how to use LEDs in a automotive headlight, paired with our exclusive reflector technology surrounding the bulb gives the V2-H4 LED bulbs the best beam patterns in the industry!

Compatible with wide range of cars and CANBUS System

These bulbs labeled "H4" are interchangeable with these other bulb numbers, they are all practically identical: H4, 9003, HB2. The V2-H4 LED Headlight Bulbs are suitable for both headlights and fog lights on any vehicle with a standard 12/14v DC electrical system. They are available in every normal bulb style and keep in mind, some bulbs have more than one name but they are the same thing (e.g. H4 is also called 9003). If you have questions, please send our sales team an email with your vehicle information and we will help you out as best as we can.

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