The world is changing at a rapid pace, so are the requirements of our customers. Our quest to provide the best possible solutions to their needs is backed by our Research and Development (R&D) prowess.
Our Research and Development team is dedicated to delivering products that excite customers and meet their needs. Our products are the result of understanding consumers’ needs, through a path-breaking technology. We combine practical experience with a continuous flow of new knowledge. Our R&D Centre in Shenzhen provides us with the necessary edge in redefining the future of LED automotive lighting.
This center is well equipped with modern tools, technology, software and most importantly, a highly qualified and experienced talent pool. Our Photometry testing labs for LED Automotive Lighting are highly in accordance to industry demand and future trends.
At BROCEN we are poised to raise our Design and Development capabilities with our quest for the best in Research & Development. BROCEN has modern and state-of-the-art R&D Centre located in Shenzhen equipped with the latest software and qualified and experienced manpower.
Our R&D team and Quality control Team work closely to make sure all our products meet the high standards of Quality by conducting the following Test,
Accelerated Testing
Chemical Resistance
Compliance Consulting
Electrical Testing
Environmental Testing
Photometric Testing
Physical &Mechanical Testing
Vibration Testing
Thermal Testing


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